"Torrential," by Austin Allie

Woke up in a sweat
and you were gone. 
The bed loves you so,
it kept your form. 
Through the window,
I thought I heard
you calling. But 
it was just a storm,
the twister howling. 
And a star above
looked down with
cruel god eyes. 
Star, what did I 
do to deserve 
something like this? 
No answer, just
the dying wind
amongst thistle fields
with their fingers
pointing true north. 

Austin Allie lives in Austin, TX with his black cat, Hex. He is a graduate of the University of Texas, a Featured Writer for Her Heart Poetry, and has several poems and short stories published in online zines such as Feminist Frequency and Shotgun Horror Clips. Find out more at www.austinallie.com