Clifford Saunders

Mystery Seed 

For love I am moving sand
from my heart and healing
the green nest of the sea.
I am aiming to defy the ship
of light gone berserk.
Love is my kryptonite,
and for love I’d catch
a cold shower while playing
a harmonica. I’d have
no face order me
to transform gravel
into the rooms of childhood.
Love’s the corn that damages
green woodland gardens
carefully and patiently,
that cools in the autumn
while revealing its sympathy
for the unknown.
O mystery seed of fire!
You are the moment of truth.
Listening to love in the silences
between men, I consider
playing tag with the ocean
or fondling a hand.
I’m in love with a complex
puzzle, and I’m knocking
on window boxes
with eight medals because
lives are at stake and I’m
addicted to the power
of sudden disruption.
I simply must do what it takes.