Icarus and the Moon

I thought I was the smartest, the prettiest, the most interesting
girl in the room.  I thought I seduced everyone with my star shine.

I was at a table by myself, making love to my bourbon,
when it occurred to me that it was a good idea to hang off the balcony.

I can fly, I told everyone.  Let me go!  The moon was full and
I longed for its embrace.  We were best friends, after all.

So now there's the oval pink pill, and the tiny red round one,
and let's not forget the diamond-shaped, all-powerful white one.  

I'm just like new now, all bright and shiny. As far as dancing 
with the moon?  Well, you can't say I never tried.

Sweet Summer
The possibility of a
    sweet, sweet summer
Seeps around
   the edges of the blinds
Don’t wake me
   you said
I bent to your honeyed lips
    trying to rouse you
    and tasted myself
I waited for you before
    letting the sun crash in
    through the windows now thrown open
Would you wake
    if I promised you heaven?
    I can make it happen
Love me

Debbie usually writes about unredeemable people, so these poems are a departure for her.  There is some hope to be found. Debbie is a poet from Richmond, Virginia, and has been published in Third Wednesday, antinarrative, The Lake,  and others

Poetry by Debbie Collins