Still image from the film, Roman Buildings, directed by Brian Philip Katz and filmed by Ethan Mass.



Flatbush Review​ is compiled and edited by Margot DeSalvo, Brian P. Katz, and Eben Wood.


Submission Guidelines

We are not currently accepting submissions; but when we do reopen our reading period, please adhere to the following:

While we are open to all types of content and style, we have some criteria for how to submit your work. Please make this process easier on us and consider these requirements before sending anything. [There have been changes since our previous submission call.] 

1. MS Word & Email: Send submissions as a single Microsoft Word doc to Please, no zip files, no Notepad, no Googledocs, no work copy and pasted in email. In the body of your email, we would like a brief outline of what you are submitting and your name.


     Dear Editors,

     Attached are 3 poems: 
     1. [Title]
     2. [Title] 
     3. [Title]

     Jane Smith 

2. Other than your email address and required information (above) in the body of your email, no other additional identifying information is needed. In order to protect the integrity of our reading process, it is essential that your work does not have any personal labels. This means and includes: no cover page, no bio, no title with any identifying features. While we care about you very much, we purely want to enjoy the work you send to us. If we feel your work is right for Flatbush Review, we will request your bio at that time. 

3. Poetry: Send up to five [5] poems, each no longer than one [1] page. [If longer, please query first.]

4. Prose: Send one [1] piece with a maximum of 2,000 words. [If longer, please query first.]

5. Visual art: Files should be submitted in jpeg format. For the time being, all photos should be black and white or, if accepted, will be converted to black and white. Send no more than five [5] images.

6. Please note, we ARE NOT open to previously published work (unless expressly requested by the editors). 

7. Send us work only once during our open call. If you send us work more than once, anything received after the first email will not be reviewed.

8. It is essential to edit your work before submitting. In regards to punctuation, grammar, and format, all decisions should be intentional and stylistic. 

Our Goals

1. The editors aim to provide responses as quickly as possible; however, in doing so, responses for authors may come through at varying times. Feel free to send us an inquiry after several months.

2. Still, due to other commitments, there is likely to be a brief lull in communication from us.

3. If we like your work for publication but we feel like it needs some "workshopping" before we are comfortable publishing it on our site, we may invite you to work with one of our editors. While this may be unconventional, this gives our authors and our editors an opportunity to engage in a dialogue of ideas and strategies.