Hiekki Huotori

The Enemy of Pseudorandom

    Random is the enemy of pseudorandom, pseudorandom of bad planning and bad planning of surprises: lights on, all these people, almost all of whom I know. I'm running through the Roman alphabet except an octave higher. Stationary point, are you my max? Should Albert Einstein not have independent axes too? As toxic is as toxic does, the frog induces an hallucination, founding so. Should I remember names or faces? Face it, frame it, name it, frame it, call to life a crime. What you call ambience I call inaction. Alternate your diastolic and systolic if you know what's good for, i.e., walk a half-mile in one shoe, a half-mile in the other. Alcoholics are synonymous. Uncertain due to Heisenberg, would I originate in outer space or at the bottom of a well, would the diameter of my horizon be a unimodal function of my altitude and with which angel would I wrestle now?


    When origin and terminus were equidistant, your tautologies were contradictory so here, so there. When one's thermometer was honest one was diplomatic. Where the red tide so the photosynthesis goes. We are long on lightning and on prisoners but short on disinfectants and we reason with the artificially intelligent just so. If all your friends, all moving averages, have electronic followings then why don't you? If with receptors ever ready you extrapolate from fundamentals and phenomena to bigger pictures then to parts of speech not in their proper places you may not make your displeasure known.

    When asymmetric nature had an outsized claw and every creature, every creature nature greeted, had a matching tragic flaw, who fed and dressed the writers of the speeches? Was it inoffensive because Milquetoast said it or did Milquetoast say it because it was inoffensive? What goes on in Milquetoast's mind? And what do simple fish, the fish of other feathers, know? Three million spending days till Christmas, still it's safer in the grave so may my saviors prolong their vacations.

What Is That in Dog Years?

         Yet in my flesh shall I see God -Job 19:26

    The dog says, I'll have what the cats are having. Arbiters of taste are suiting up to go outside and be extended. The intruders washing dishes know no oath so give their grievances some air! If in a hoop of hoops I would have independent axes of rotation, I would work the room and play the violin. Without a cautery the nerve would never end but fray. If snowflakes played the odds would they amass like random samples or be self-sufficient? Those who choose to live in vales of tears may not complain.    

    The fig leaf of imagination advertises unknown content. Moonlight is the best infection. Look for parallelograms of sunlight any day. The language I'll be speaking is a function of what bed I slept in last and on which side. The non-stop-talking probabilities are within intervals of confidence, the horseless carriages are superseded by the driverless, the universe that's at eye level is the universe the universe is recommending. In my lifetime antipodes will be ice-free.

Made to Wait

    On the butter sculpture you like best perhaps you'll pin the ribbon. May your butter sculpture never sublimate. Whatever two do can be synchronized, pole vaulting for example. Barriers are bustle-supplemented. Every deity a distribution, my center of gravity is yours. An outline is projected on your dissertation's torso. Subsequent to daybreak and beneath the streetlight grass is scattered. Thou shalt, subsequent to radiator failure, live in Grant's Pass Oregon in perpetuity. As any summit may be false but this one has a benchmark so, blind climber, start your land grab here.

    On every windowsill a pie subject to Newton's Law of Cooling, in line with electric eels we're bobbing, buoyant, sleeping on the lift-off, waking on the landing. Formerly un- or out-numbered, hummingbirds at rest belie position and velocity so at the catechism not one first-cause butterfly is standing by. One umbra is one dunce cap and the bodies of the bobbleheads return to equilibrium as swallows do to Capistrano with their newly feathered edges. No one knows the inconvenience I know. I've been made to wait.