full on move

milk dimps groove
exposing rhythmic moves.
this raging red wild child has been here before.

the strike of blue-green gaze,
hair rising flesh,
ice-melts tan colored bones.

fright in freedom 
soars on yellow-roped sailboats
like nautical miles treading.

garlic coffee breath 
entice dark, salt
freckled arm hugs.

layered, black 
strands of entanglement strangle 
Capricornian comforts.

logic stumps
stomped hostilities
mother’s conventions affected.

closeted eyes
collapsed backs
descended into the black canvas of her thick, blue tricks.

floating transcends movement.
she smiles, raised half-cheek.
she arrived with this intention.

Poetry, by Jennifer Lucia Oliveri

Photo provided by Jenn Oliveri