John Tustin

Born with Eyes

You were born with eyes
And you have been taught to keep them closed.

Open them. Open your eyes.
Look at the world around you.

You were born with ears
And you have been taught to keep them plugged.

Unplug them. Unplug your ears
And hear all the sounds you have been deprived.

As for me?

I’ve been reading and searching and day has become night.
My eyes are burning and now they must close.

I’ve been listening and the singer’s throat is sore.
The birds have stopped their singing. It’s night now, remember.

Good night.
Open your ears and hear me speak until I fall asleep.

When I am at rest open your eyes and watch my chest rise and fall.
Read what I have written.


The terns are turning all at once
In the darkness before the light,

Flying low over the ocean,
The only noise the water below their gliding wings: 

Not in a V formation but scrambled letters
In the tiny space afforded

Between the moon who leaves 
And the sun who arrives.

John Tustin’s poetry has appeared in many disparate literary journals in the last dozen years. contains links to his published poetry online.