The Original Beige Colored Plastic Bag

                         The original beige colored plastic bag
                    that held the ant killer bag,  I finally figured out,
                    had a hole in it.  It leaked a little bit on the round
                    green plastic table on the back patio.  Actually,
                    it turned out, there were a lot of small holes in the
                    beige colored plastic bag.

                    I put the ant killer bag, also plastic but thicker, 
                    inside another plastic bag, a white colored bag this
                    time with no holes in it.  (I made sure of that.)  A
                    good move I think, don’t you?  

                     I threw the beige colored plastic bag, crumpled
                     up, into the cylindrical shaped garbage bag 
                     container in the kitchen.

                    If I had anything more to say about the original
                    beige colored plastic bag or even the white colored
                    plastic bag that now holds the ant killer, I’m sure that
                    I would have said it by this time. 

Joseph Buehler

Joseph Buehler has published poetry in Australia (Otoliths), London (Sentinel Literary Quarterly),  Dublin (H.C.E. Review) and widely in the USA  (ArLiJo, The Tower Journal, North Dakota Quarterly, etc).   He lives in Georgia w/ith his wife Trish.