Martina Reisz Newberry

Crime Scene

Fall throttles me. It starts an argument, 
escalates it by destroying the day
light, then turns to violence. Fall pushes, then 
slaps, then punches. As a young woman, I 
fought back, gave as good as I got, held my 
ground. But, it’s easy to see that it is 
fall that has the staying power. I can 
try to seduce spring and summer all year. 
I wear “come-hither” clothes and stage makeup. 
I try to force back the early dark with 
prayers and perfumes. No hace ninguna 
. I’m beginning to 
worry that seduction only works for 
the young—but no. The Mexican Fan Palms, 
the lacy-topped Canary Island Date 
Palms and the Star Jasmine hedge whisper this:
“Just you wait. You’ll see...come to us in May.” 
An unending promise...renewable...worthwhile.