Deflect & Proceed   

                                                                                             By Matt Hill

To exist is to fail, where the run rates of gradual loss dent the sudden gains; one surely risks getting demoted to rags at times, & must thereby navigate via the internal moonlight; or else proceed with the fugitive shortcuts between the many hourly obstacles; or maybe proceed by not getting skewed and/or silenced, that is, since these random forces will keep fucking with the formulas, such that hiring and firing are now done by fuzzy algorithm, what with any hint of philosophical thinking immediately having gone AWOL; & yet, the smatterings DO still have resonance if one only listens, by acquiring seasoned ears on the Listening Road, & internally, one can also flowchart the mistakes, by surviving the situational maladaptions & proceed on with an earnest throttle;

to remain unfazed through the strange and severe clobberings, by wandering through the pathological blurs, steady yet not relentless, with a proper use of murky axiom & enigmatic fragments, philosophical respiration can be helpful in the process, by accessing more bandwidth on the perceptions so to speak, as one chews through the leather restraints by proceeding on under late languid skies, & to possibly discover that this is how one redeems oneself in such world, through all this pushing and shoving called social evolution, & by maybe losing the wrangles, yet winning the day, an All Purpose Life is duly moved forward …

Residing in the southern part of Northern California, Matt Hill is a sculptor, poet, and fiction writer.