Silhouette of dancer, Laura Ward.

The Dance of Communication
By Reginald Smith

In the grander scheme of life, two individuals must dance
They must flow through with kinetic energy and develop chemistry
Individuals dance not just for fun or by consequences of boredom
They dance to see if two worlds can become one

One world is that of black holes and hurricanes
A dimension of horrible results by means of manipulation
This world is of natural beauty, but is thrown by effects of its cosmos
It does not seem mailable by conventional means

The another planet is a barren wasteland with an unstable do core
Created with unknown intentions, it was left to grow on its own
This world was taken of what few beauties it has, and leads into despair
It was left to burn with no hope of redemption or recovery

These two worlds meets, not of free will nor choice
The planets meet through destiny, in spite of their outsider shortcomings
Worlds shake as they dance through their gravitational axis'
One prepares in implode while the other lost for steps or understanding

They begin to dance with nothing but missteps and heavy flows
Both worlds hurt and cry but realize they are in perfect sync
They begin to mend into one, and continue to talk with uneasy techniques
The two worlds are not an average fit like most, but they fit perfectly sincere
...Through communication   


Reginald "Reggie" Smith is an actor and creative artist who lives in Manhattan and attends Kingsborough Community College, working toward an Associates degree in Theatre Arts with an emphasis on Performance.