Saira Viola is a critically acclaimed author, poet, song lyricist and creator of sonic scatterscript .

Flaubert’s Guitar June 13th 

By Saira Viola

Lucky lips wet soft.
Tastes like peaches and black honey.
Neon pink negligée
hides school boy giggles
behind a bridal bouquet.

Mister love rock and hottie boom boom 
slide into the five and dime where everything’s on sale: 
Cotton candy smiles, peanut kisses
and there’s plastic chicks on sticks 
cream horns and cinnamon curls on display.

Dance in the elevator.
Slick slide the sidewalk. 
Drive down the interstate 
with a bottle of sunshine
and a fistful of luck.
Stop off in a layby:
Do cartwheels and headstands 
on b- movie grins.

In a sherbet lavender pop parade
of tea leaf readers, fawning crawlies and
masked barracudas.
We need cleansing in the Pierian spring.
Free fall into a winking dawn 
Play pat -a-cake with a leaping unicorn 
And shimmy skate across a waffle dust moon.