Woman Del Callao

Loving you is like feeling the pleasure in my blood
Tiene mucho hot
Tiene mucho tempo
She has mucho down
This woman del callao

Carribbean thick
Latin American Round
Rumba in the blood

Can I have a liitle of your calypso?
He asked
Dance for me woman

“I don’t speak Inglesh…but can you show me how”

Oh woman

Tiene mucho hot
I don’t think
I can keep up

“Don’t worry papi…mira my hips”
Waltzed on a sunset
She girated
With each step
Exhaled her mamey breath
Mango juice poured down her back
                                                         Y tiene mucho tempo
When we turned
I snuck a few licks
My woman del callao

I wish I could stay loving your coconut scent    
Dancing in this paradise
Ay ya yai     
Ay ya yai
Her salsa eyes glared at me
“yu sweet man”
The song ended


Dark Matter

I set out to see if I could listen to the tree in the woods
But I was not there
I think I heard it in my dreams
It spoke to me in Swahili
It said 
I woke up inside a dream
The tree was my grandfather
He said
I woke up next to HIM
I understood

It exists without existing
We cannot see it
For empty space
Must still be measured 
In matter

If I forget
Did it never happen
I have blocked out
Thirteen years of my childhood
Was I ever a child?
If I forget his eyes
Was he an imagination?
I see you standing before me
You say my name
I do not remember you

Without a picture
It never happened



Alter Me

1st Life:

Or rather died
Fed crack through tit
Finger licking good
Heroine in semen shots

2nd Life:

You’re beautiful can I lick you?
Mama killing invisible flies in corner

My Ken doll hit Barbie
Barbie jerked him off to make him stop

I liked red balloons

3rd Life

Billy I give good head
Tell me, tell me I'm beautiful
You sick fuck you came on my new dress
Don't ask me about love

That only exists in nectar and diamonds

I don't remember anything from yesterday 
I'm here now let's screw

Lizzy was my 1st …
Said she was in-love with me
Stupid girl
I'm no older
But I know

Saw my mama's head fly across the room
He said it was an accident

Freedom comes in many ways

4th Life:

wasn't going stay with sticky grandpa

Melon sunsets
Dewey roses line the path

Pink colored poppers
Dilute the past

City life
Bigger idiots
Easier targets

What a suck and a smile won't buy 

City dicks, country, suburban
This city is run on cum
I the master

Close eyes 
                  Fields with smurfs and popples
Apt keys, car seats, dinner out, penis in, cashmere sweaters, licking turfs, hand rings, hand jobs

grade A material
Seeked after
    Too young to understand 

Closet corner
For comfort 
For peace
    in pajamas looking through crack
Mama’s blood splattered 
 tasted the salt

salty fries on a winter day
this old man reeks of vinegar  and balls
no hair on his body except his ears

says he loves me
stupid man

isn’t he old enough to know

love is the perfect orgasm 

he wants to take me to…
                                              pill kicked in

best five minutes of his life
gave me a necklace 
said please don’t go
He was my 2nd

necklace paid for six months of rent

and hallucinations

5th Life

Can’t remember

6th Life

Woke up tied to a refrigerator
Hair filled with pistachio ice cream
Don’t even like ice cream

Grabbed butter knife 

Running down stairs, streets, smells

7th Life

Lucky seven
Father out on parole
Says he’s sorry
Don’t know how he found me
Changed my number
The little old fairy came and told me to dance and I did in the park in the sun, on the train on their laps, in the book on the lyrics

8th Life

Trip to mom’s grave
Rehab for the emotions
8 years old all over again

Left immediately

Back to city tricking
High end loving

If you can’t find it
                            Pay for it

Mixed gumbo inside 
Stirring up the dead


Aqua velvet turned puke green

Sexed it out 

First time I cried

Entered clinic

-------------------To be continued-------------------------------


Poetry, by Yani Perez