DS Maolalai is a writer from Ireland whose current collection, Sad Havoc Among the Birds, will be available from Turas Press in March 2019.

Eben Wood

Medical insurance.

By DS Maolalai

my will
is still in spring
and not autumn -
of what any doctors would say.
this guy rang up today
to sell me insurance
while I was at work. I'd panicked
because my girlfriend was sick
and signed up
for a call list
but by the time
it came around
I was done with that,
told him
to call me back
around 5.
he didn't.
my life
is a tree
growing somewhere
healthy, kept up
by loggers
to 30 feet tall
and with a vested interest
in keeping me thriving.
I am very confident
that my bones
will be broken,
my organs
and eaten by crabs
with bright blue shells.
I will burst
in a brilliant of colours.
my neck
I present
to the saw.