Eben Wood

# 4: Circumnavigation: 


Essay and Photography: "The Democratic Forest: A Love Story," by Eben Wood


Six Poems, by Gale Acuff

"Zipper Lady," by David Spicer

Five Poems, by Frederick Pollack

​"Missed Connections in Small Towns (from Craigslist)," by Mickey J. Corrigan

"All Our Fools," by L. Ward Abel

Excerpt from The Sunset Fires​, by John Huey

"Attica Poems," by Paul David Adkins

​Three Poems, by Changming Yuan

"round and round," by Tom Lavazzi

Two Poems, by LindaAnn LoSchiavo

"Reincarnation," by Michael Lee Johnson

"Medical insurance." by DS Maolalai

"On Maujer St.," by Marc Alan Di Martino

Three Poems, by R.T. Castleberry

Two Poems, by Mary Ellen Talley

"Life Afloat," by John Grey

Two Poems, by Craig Diesslin


Featured Artist: Paintings and Drawings, by Julia Haw

Guest Artist: Photography, by Joe Venuti

Visual Gallery: "Sunday Afternoon in Tompkins Square Park," by Aleda Marinda Rosenblum Katz

Video: Noether's Women: "Part One: 'Agnes': Part One," by Brian Philip Katz

Gallery: Paintings, by Gordon Wood

Poetry and Photography, by Helena Deda


"East to Meet the Sunset," by John M. Keller

"Home Is a Bridge," by Eben Adams

"When the Poltergeists Presided over President Street," By LindaAnn LoSchiavo 

​"Tiny Blue Oceans," by Michael Fiorito

"Orca Rye," by Bear Kosik

"Milk Tea," by Lou Gaglia