John is an Australian born writer who lives in Rhode Island in the US. His work tends to run the gamut from dark to light, nature to horror, inner feelings to humor and it's that variety that keeps him writing.

"Life Afloat"

By John Grey

I'm weary of
family squabbles,
the deaths of friends,
even the casual ones,
the Dow Jones industrials,
the wars overseas,
the tornadoes at home,
the little I do to keep
the economic cogs moving.

Any boat will do.
Something that just bobs on bright water.
Or drifts into a feeding ground.
Or circumnavigates an island.
Or heads out to deep sea.

I don't have to fish.
I don't have to sun bake.
I just need to be.

So the anger rises someplace. 
Duty's on the march, 
and wants me in line, step by step. 
Six soldiers dead, one local. 
Earthquake hits, highway buckles.
Aye, aye captain... my soul will have you there in no time.