Missed Connections in Small Towns
(from Craigslist)

by Mickey J. Corrigan

Altamonte Rodeo

I would love
to make contact
with the beautiful man
with dark hair
dark skin
darkness around him
who sat a row ahead of me
in the pit area.

You know who I am.

We made real
eye contact
several times.

Hoping in Charlesbridge

We met over 5 years ago
became close friends
feelings formed
on both sides.

you are
a man of integrity
and will continue
to keep trying
to make your family

I am not a man
of integrity.

Not a single day goes by
that I don't think of you
our nights
our talks.

I hope you've found
the happiness
you deserve.
If not, I am

To the Asian Girl Walking
by Westside Park.
You have short hair
on the sides
and longer hair
on top.
You wear tight black pants
and a white shirt.
You are gorgeous!

I would love
to hear from you.

UPDATE: I saw you
walking again
down Lynn Street
without your shoes on.

Girl with Tattoos in Harrison Square

You were outside
with a little girl
with pink hair.

You have black hair
red lips
a lot of tattoos.

You are seriously
the most stunning woman
I've seen around here.  

I waved at you;
you glared at me.

I want to know why
you look so unhappy
so I can be the one
to fix it.

Taco Bell Drive-Thru Girl
in South Portland
your name is Marie
or Mary
something like that.

I'm the guy
who always ordered
the combination burrito
no longer
on the menu;
now I order
a bean burrito
and add meat and cheese
thanks to you.

I don't go there
for the food.


Mickey J. Corrigan found these poems in the Missed Connections section of Craigslist for various small towns across the US, where there is hidden romance, loneliness, and hope.

Eben Wood