Eben Wood

1989 faded skyline freedom tower the batgtery 

By Tom Lavazzi                                                                                                                                                                                 u s

hazed skyline—the Battery,
Financial District Freedom Tower—
Where it all began--
New York Harbor and Bay—
barges, cruise ships,
the Verrazano suspended
over the Narrows--
Coney Island-- parachute jump--
to Brighton, Sheepshead
the Kingsborough light beacon—
Flatbush arcing over the Gil Hodges—
Bottle Beach, Dead Horse Bay—
No “painted ponies,” Barren Island gone--
Jamaica Bay swoosh down to 
Breezy Point, Rockaway Far Rockaway—
”Coney Island? 

We have our own culture here”--

the Atlantic 
south toward islands, Cuba, other 
Americas, west is
Where we began, down east
skirting the Hamptons 
freighters bound for…?

me in none of those places
atop a graffitied World War bunker
Fort Tilden Queens Harbor Defense now
Gateway National Recreation Area
seeing it all, turning, taking it in, 
then down

sand path through dunes, scrub oak,
prohibited off ways,
rusted trail guide cable
sea oats to beach

plunge, few strokes, out
battle flies then

bike to Brighton—
Russian spinach feta pastry
organic blueberries—picked
for the price 
out of a bedazzling array--
halal falafel hot sauce rice--
to boardwalk

skipping this go round
a standup Czech beer
at Tatiana

to Luna Park—

civil twilight--
orange chiffon, cobalt blue

an Ommegang Witte 
at Paul’s Daughter--

carni rides, bicycles, scooters--
circles, arcs everywhere—
Kandinsky Kupka—
Four white balls arcing
Northeast into floodlights
One late August night, 1950
Ebbets field
To bring us home—

A memorial--
theosophy a translucent
plastic cup--

a “millennial”
with blond highlights
i-captures the Wonder Wheel.

I Don’t 
mean anything

winged chairs
sweep and dip 
round and round
the bearing hub

in fun